All too often, heavy extension ladders slip and linemen crash to the ground. To prevent accidents and damage to customers' property, utilities are using an extension-ladder anti-fall device called the climb up to the residen

Remaining Uncomfortable —

Do you remember when you started driving? We start out driving under the speed limit, both hands are firmly pressed on the wheel. The radio is turned off, and the cell phone is safely tucked in the backpack in the backseat. We are uncomfortable and driving demands our maximum attention!

Fast forward two years, a big gulp soda in one hand and the cell phone in the other. Driving faster than the speed limit with the radio blasting, our legs were controlling the steering wheel — no fear. One of the best practices to teach is to stay just a little uncomfortable — staying well within safety rules and safe work practices clearly understanding the consequences of not doing so. The key is that organizations have the hazard intelligence to remain comfortably uncomfortable…and safe.

In the end, IQ matters — our people need to know the rules. Nothing can replace a high safety IQ. But remember, that's only the first cut. Just as social intelligence is a clear indicator of life success, a keen sense of hazard intelligence may just be the ticket to safety success. Learn, and teach well!