A recent job for Ameren Services in Pilot Knob, Missouri, U.S., saw a 50-ft (15-m) Duratel composite pole used at a 20-degree line angle. The single-circuit, three-phase 120-kV configuration used 556AA conductors and was chosen because of the pole's required proximity to the road and the inability to down guy or anchor the pole.

Duratel's high-strength, lightweight poles have a nominal 12.25-inch (311-mm) diameter, making them attractive options for restricted access, and roadside or sidewalk installation locations. Because of the extreme line angle, project engineers decided to reinforce the foundation for this installation with a standard steel culvert. Burial depth was the typical 10% of pole length plus 2 ft (0.6 m), and backfill consisted of existing soil and available rock leftover from digging the hole for the installation.

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