Torrent Power Ltd has energized the first ACCC conductor transmission line installed in India. The ACCC 629 kcmil (318mm2) Lisbon size conductor was installed to double the capacity of an existing 132 kV transmission line between two substations in Ahmedabad, one of the major cities in the western part of India, in the state of Gujarat.

Torrent Power Ltd stated, “We are pleased to have energized the first of two circuits of ACCC, and we are actively taking steps to increase our grid’s capacity through a second installation by this year’s end.”

Torrent Power Ltd is one of the leading electrical utilities in the Indian power sector and part of the Torrent Group, an organization committed to its mission of transforming life by serving two of the most critical needs, healthcare and power. Torrent Power Ltd has a generation capacity of 1647.5 MW and distributes power to more than three million customers in the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh.

The ACCC composite core was produced by CTC Global in Irvine, California and the finished conductor delivered to Torrent Power Ltd was manufactured by Sterlite Technologies Ltd, one of CTC Global’s ten international manufacturing partners. The project was delivered by Sterlite Technologies Ltd on a turnkey basis, under the guidance of CTC Global.