POWER Engineers has been awarded a contract to design, route and manage the construction of a 220-mi (approximate) transmission line across north-central Nebraska for the Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD).

The new 345-kV transmission line aims to enhance reliability, reduce system congestion and provide opportunities for the development of additional renewable energy projects on NPPD's electric grid.

The line will be constructed from the existing Gerald Gentleman Station, extending north to a new substation in or near Cherry County, Neb., and then east to a new substation near the eastern border of Holt County. The new line may also require re-routing up to 2 mi of an existing 345-kV transmission line into the new substation near the Holt County line.

POWER will provide NPPD services related to preliminary engineering, route selection, environmental surveying, right-of-way acquisition, permitting, design engineering, structure and foundation design, electrical systems engineering and studies, surveying, and construction management services.

The proposed line is part of a 10-year transmission expansion plan approved in 2012 by the Southwest Power Pool, which is responsible for ensuring adequate transmission infrastructure in a nine-state region that includes Nebraska.

"This is an important project for the Nebraska transmission system, and POWER is honored to work with NPPD to deliver an efficient, cost effective and environmentally responsible transmission line," said Lynn Askew, POWER's senior project manager for environmental services.