Troy Galloway makes no bones about it: an AmerenUE Ellisville line crew that acted quickly and professionally is the reason he still has his hand. He was changing a trailer tire in the parking lot of his Ellisville business when the trailer slipped off the jack, trapping him and smashing his hand. Thankfully, UE's Ray DiBianca, overhead repairman; Chris Jones, lineman; Alex Boggs, apprentice lineman; John Moravec, laborer; and then-laborer Eric Angleton, janitor, were replacing a pole nearby.

“I literally couldn't get loose,” Galloway said. “The Ameren men were working in front of my building, and I was hollering for help. At first, they probably thought I was a crazy nut, but they came rushing over there to help. It looked to me like every one of them stopped what they were doing to assist.”

In fact, every one on the line crew did stop to help Galloway. Moravec first noticed Galloway changing a tire and a few moments later he heard a loud boom. He turned to see that the jack had slipped, pinning Galloway underneath.

Moravec called for DiBianca to dial 9-1-1, which he quickly did. DiBianca also called to Jones and Boggs for help. Jones went to help Angleton with the safety flagging while DiBianca and Moravec repositioned the jack and freed Galloway's hand. Moravec and Boggs then administered first aid while DiBianca went to the street to wait for the emergency crew.

“I hadn't even hit the grass yet and these guys were already administering first aid, had contacted the ambulance and were giving me water,” Galloway said. “The professionalism and preparedness they demonstrated was just outstanding.”

Having the knowledge of both trailers and equipment as well as first aid allowed the linemen to act swiftly to help Galloway, who required extensive surgery two months ago.

“I may never have full feeling, but I didn't lose my hand,” he said. “These guys know trailers and equipment, but they also know first aid. To have both kinds of knowledge and to act so quickly to help me, I believe that's what allowed me to keep my hand.”

Brandi Schubert ( is a communications consultant for Ameren in St. Louis, Missouri.

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