ComEd invested heavily in 2007 to improve service to customers seeking a new electrical connection or a change in service, and homebuilders, commercial developers and independent electricians are already reporting speedier order completion and improved customer service.

Among the most visible changes aiding customers are a new customer website and a near-doubling of the number of customer representatives to answer customer calls promptly. In addition, new mobile technology in the form of wireless laptops and printers enable field representatives to produce contracts and accept payments on-site, slashing contract processing times. For example, the average approval time for a residential underground agreement has dropped by 60%, from 22 to 9 days.

This improvement in new business customer satisfaction rate parallels a steep decline in the number of customer complaints to the Illinois Commerce Commission and ComEd executives. Through July 2007, ComEd experienced a 43% decrease as compared to 2006.

ComEd New Business Director David Perez has been leading the overall improvement effort. He noted that one of the most important behind-the-scenes process changes was revamping how ComEd measures the time taken to complete a service connection. Previously, the clock began when ComEd's construction department received the order. Now the clock starts once customers meet all requirements and submit their order.