JEA (Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.) has chosen to migrate from the PeopleSoft CIS (customer information system), an earlier SPL CIS product, to SPL's Customer Care & Billing (CC&B) solution.

Bruce Dugan, JEA's director of Customer Sales and Service, said JEA chose to upgrade its CIS to SPL's CC&B for three principal reasons. “First, CC&B shares a proven and familiar foundational design with our existing SPL CIS product.”

“Second, SPL CC&B establishes a clear upgrade path for JEA's CIS future,” Dugan said. “Third, CC&B offers a variety of potentially powerful new functionalities, such as case management, that we believe we can leverage to help improve financial performance, customer service and employee productivity.”

Quentin Grady, SPL vice president and general manager, Americas, said, “JEA's decision to migrate from PeopleSoft CIS to SPL CC&B is an important milestone, since this is a large-scale migration from that product. We're honored that this large and progressive organization, which is a leader in the Florida municipal utility community, continues to place its trust in SPL's industry-leading solutions. SPL has developed a set of migration tools and services to ease the migration to SPL's CC&B not only from PeopleSoft CIS, but from other CIS applications as well, and JEA is an excellent example of these tools and services in action.”

He added, “We look forward to working with JEA on this significant migration project and helping them achieve their goals of improved customer service and efficiency.”