With PECO Smart Driver Rebates, PECO (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) will offer rebates and incentives for residential and business customers investing in new electric vehicle technology. Specifically:

  • PECO will pay residential and business customers $50 per car just for letting us know they have purchased an electric vehicle. This will help us know where customers will be charging their cars so we can make sure our system is ready to meet any increased demand for electricity.
  • For government, institutional and non-profit customers, PECO will pay $1,000 per unit toward the cost of installing up to two Level 2 public chargers, and will pay local counties up to $3,000 to install a Level 2 public charging station in each of the counties PECO serves.

As part of PECO’s ongoing environmental efforts, locally it has partnered with the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission on a study to understand what impact the increased use of electric vehicles will have on the region. PECO also recently added two Chevy Volts to its fleet and has partnered with the Electrical Power Research Institute (EPRI) to assist it in its ongoing study of electric vehicle use. These new green vehicles join more than 740 other hybrid, natural gas, flex fuel and biodiesel vehicles currently in PECO’s fleet.