Trilliant Inc. ( will deliver a smart meter system to ESB Networks, the owner and operator of the electricity distribution network in the Republic of Ireland, including the introduction of smart meters to ESB consumers. The project is in accordance with European Union (EU) Directive EC 2006/32, which is meant to address the EU's ambitious climate change targets of reducing greenhouse-gas emissions by 20%, improving energy efficiency by 20% and increasing the percentage of renewable energy by 20% — all by the year 2020.

ESB Networks, a separate ESB business, builds, operates and maintains a nationwide distribution system which includes 170,000 transformers and almost 150,000 km (93,205 miles)of distribution networks spread across 34 geographical areas throughout the country. ESB also provides meter-reading services. ESB Networks is in the midst of a four-year program to upgrade the electricity infrastructure around the country.

The project will demonstrate the performance and functionality of the Trilliant SecureMesh network in the European environment, as well as test the performance of typical smart meter tasks, including interval data collection, time-of-use data, and the collection and processing of meter events relating to the integrity and performance of the meter and the distribution grid. The project was able to move very quickly as a result of Trilliant's reliance on technologies that conform to international standards like IEC, IEEE 802.15.4, GSM/GPRS and TCP/IP. The project will be supported from Trilliant's European office.

Ireland's national smart meter plan was originally announced in October 2008 by Energy Minister Eamon Ryan. Minister Ryan has set a goal of having smart meters in all Irish homes over the next four to five years. Smart meters and network communications will be installed to create visibility into consumer energy-consumption habits, build the foundation for time-of-use energy pricing, and validate the performance and effectiveness of smart grid technology in Ireland.