EnerNex has released the first survey in a series designed to gather information on why outages occur within the electrical distribution grid.

Due to the growing national debate post Superstorm Sandy there is a need to update information that is currently over 20 years old on outage causes and cost of distribution systems.

The study is designed to provide facts on what the causes of outages are (both overhead and underground) and the costs of construction and repair of the grid. EnerNex will produce one or more public whitepapers outlining the findings and summary results.

Erich Gunther, chairman and chief technology officer of EnerNex, as well as chairman of the IEEE PES Intelligent Grid Coordinating Committee, noted: "This survey will provide up to date, factual information on outage causes and other distribution system related information that is sorely needed to support effective and correct decision-making related to grid modernization and resiliency improvement."

The survey targets a wide array of North American utilities; responses are confidential and individual responses will not be released. Utilities interested in participating in the survey, please click here. The survey will remain open until Dec. 31, 2012 with another two surveys to follow.