Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. has released new capabilities in the SEL-651R Advanced Recloser Control that improve reliability and communications for distribution automation.

New Ethernet communications allow users to integrate the SEL-651R into either Ethernet or serial-based communications networks with standard DNP3 or Modbus protocols. The SEL-651R also has an option for IEC 61850. Ethernet provides another high-speed option for faster fault detection, isolation, and restoration (FDIR).

To improve system operation, the SEL-651R now includes IEEE C37.118 synchrophasor capability for applications such as phase identification, islanding detection of distributed generation, and wide-area monitoring, protection, and control.

SEL has also added a built-in web server to the SEL-651R for convenient, read-only access to basic recloser control information, such as settings, metering, status, and event history data, as well as for the secure, remote uploading of firmware. In addition to the new communications features, the new 60-cycle-length event reports and faster sampling rate of 128 samples per cycle provide better event analysis. There is also an additional 48 Vdc power supply option for substation applications.

The SEL-651R is compatible with a wide range of recloser manufacturers, including ABB, Cooper, G&W, Hawker Siddeley, Joslyn, Tavrida, Thomas & Betts, and Siemens.