BPL Global, Ltd. has launched its Grid Management Pilot Package, providing electric utilities a rapid, cost-effective path to implement distribution grid monitoring. The combination of BPLG's software suite integrated with multi-vendor distribution line sensors provides utilities continuous monitoring of distribution circuits, delivering valuable information on grid conditions downstream of the substation.

Downstream power metrics can be used for a variety of operational needs such as restoring service more quickly by identifying and locating line faults, improving Volt/VAR control, optimizing voltage for CVR energy savings, measuring power metrics at renewables interconnects and protecting assets on congested circuits.

"Our package enables the quick deployment of both line monitoring hardware and system software to provide power metrics and fault information that utilities can use to improve reliability and efficiency," said Mark Rupnik, EVP and GM Distribution Solutions of BPLG. "Our solution is designed to provide actionable information so that utilities can improve distribution grid operations and generate a solid return on their investment."

Connected Energy Grid Management is a turnkey software, sensor and communications solution. The power of the solution is in a flexible rules engine that captures and executes utility-defined business rules over the high volume of data flowing in from distribution grid line sensors. The rules ensure that the most significant and relevant information is conveyed to the grid operators in a timely manner allowing operations personnel to quickly assess and respond to grid conditions. The solution is communications and line sensor vendor neutral and BPLG has already integrated industry leading communications and line sensors into our state-of-the-art solution.

Grid Management is part of the Connected Energy suite of smart grid solutions including Demand Management, DER Management, Substation Automation and Transformer Monitoring. BPLG solutions can be combined to offer broader capabilities for advanced distribution automation and leveraged for a higher return on investment.