On-Ramp Wireless announces its advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solution, which is built on the On-Ramp Total Reach Network. Through partnerships with meter and meter data management system (MDMS) providers, On-Ramp supports smart metering capabilities on the same network infrastructure that supports grid automation and demand response.

The On-Ramp Total Reach Network offers unmatched range and capacity, enabling broad AMI network coverage. Purpose-built to realize the promise of the machine-to-machine vision, including AMI, On-Ramp’s solution delivers advanced metering features and standard integration with billing, meter data management and other utility systems. With proven network-wide security, this simple star topology network enables accurate network planning, rapid and flexible deployment scheduling, and lower capital and operations costs than other solutions. With these factors, utilities achieve accelerated ROI as they migrate from manually read or one-way AMR systems, without lengthy or restrictive deployment programs or hard-to-reach meter issues in rural and urban environments.

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