Circuit Breaker Analyzer has created an application for iPhone or iPod, capable of capturing vibration signatures from working circuit breakers to provide quantifiable data for computerized maintenance management systems and other preventive maintenance programs.

Using the accelerometer inside every iPhone or new model iPod, the Circuit Breaker Analyzer captures vibration data in all three axes as well as across time at sample rates of 100 Hz to 400 Hz, depending on the version. Both sample rates provide ample data to for a detailed vibration signature for later analysis of potential mechanical faults inside the circuit breaker. By comparing the newly acquired vibration signature to a database of known good profiles and/or the vibration signature of the breaker's “first trip” operation, pattern recognition algorithms can determine when changes in the “envelope” or shape of the vibration signature indicate a hidden mechanical problem that eventually will lead to breaker failure if left unchecked.

The Circuit Breaker Analyzer is designed for use by technicians with any level of experience. After starting the application, the operator keys in the type of circuit breaker under test. This brings up a picture of the breaker that shows the technician where to attach the iPhone or iPod, using adhesive magnets that ship with the Circuit Breaker Analyzer app. This helps to guarantee an “apples to apples” comparison with stored KGPs and eliminate false tests. The app also comes with built-in level indicators to make sure the iPhone or iPod is positioned correctly for testing. The app also can be used in conjunction with remote switching devices, such as the CBS ArcSafe product line remote racking system, for added protection against arc flash injuries.

After the test is finished, the tester presses the stop button, and the vibration data is saved on the device and wirelessly sent to a central database of the user's choosing. Internal condition-based maintenance algorithms compare the vibration envelope to known good profiles for that make of breaker, and identify variances that indicate an internal mechanical problem or wear.

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