IUS Technologies, a subsidiary of the Vitzro Group (Seoul, Korea), plans to deliver highly efficient and accurate distribution automation technology to the American utility market. The VS1000 and VS3000 interfaces with leading smart grid technologies to create operational efficiencies, optimal capacity and system reliability, all with consistent power quality.

The Born Smart VS series of remote voltage sensors will allow power companies to monitor voltage at the end of the line or edge of the grid, with a 0.3% accuracy. This enhanced level of accuracy and reliability will enable the VS series to revolutionize the way utilities respond to consumer outages in the future; by pinpointing problem areas, response times will be far quicker. Plus, because the devices allow power to stream at consistent levels, they enable utilities to reduce peak demand. This increases capacity and extends the life of infrastructure, optimizing asset utilization and reducing the need for additional infrastructure.

Both sensors streamline the use of utility radio bandwidth with unsolicited response, reducing communication loads up to 95%. This programmable notification feature automatically reports grid thresholds or dead-band limits, saving considerable time, bandwidth and resources. The more sophisticated VS3000 allows deeper and more complex programming options and 0.3% accuracy.

IUS Technologies | www.ius-tech.com