ABB's Relion 620 series of protection relays is now available for North America and for all ANSI markets. The 620 series is part of the larger Relion product family of transmission and distribution protection and control intelligent electronic devices.

The ANSI Relion 620 series of distribution protection relays — the REF620, REM620 and RET620 — are designed to fit mid- to high-end distribution applications, including one, one-and-a-half, and two breaker schemes. The three products in the 620 series are designed for protection and control of feeders, motors and transformers.

These new protection relays feature the traditional Relion ease of use with one programming tool and three standard open protocols, as well as customizable screens, cable fault detection, the highest number of user-programmable push buttons and digital inputs and outputs, and safety features such as delayed close breaker operation and arc-flash detection.