Battelle now can support utilities with modeling tools for effective planning, testing and resource deployment. The new Grid Command Distribution is built as a front-end addition for GridLAB-D, a distribution system simulation and analysis tool developed at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, a U.S. Department of Energy lab that Battelle manages.

The offering helps utilities make informed decisions before they invest in new technologies. For instance, it models the impact of alternative energy sources and advanced technologies on the grid to improve investment and operational efficiency. The new front-end software was developed as part of an ongoing smart grid demonstration project in Columbus as part of AEP Ohio's gridSMART program sponsored by the Department of Energy.

Grid Command Distribution allows utilities to quickly build circuit models with multiple configurations, assess complex resource deployment scenarios, and provide insight into grid sensitivity and capacity under changing conditions

Battelle's Grid Command Distribution is part of a full-service portfolio that includes Grid Command Active Demand Management and Grid Command Transmission (powered by HELM technology from Gridquant). Active Demand Management gives consumers and producers unprecedented control over everyday energy decisions. HELM, a proprietary suite of software and services originally developed by Gridquant, offers utilities visibility into transmission grid conditions even up to the point of collapse.

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