RuggedCom Inc., a Siemens company, has released RuggedMAX 4.3 firmware. This latest firmware brings new enhancements to RuggedMAX product line, including improved scalability, an enhanced security feature set, hand-over capability, tighter frequency reuse and expanded frequency range.

Included in the release is support for the 4.9-GHz RuggedMAX product line. This new frequency band is targeted at customers eligible for coordinated use with public safety users, such as municipal utilities.

The RuggedMAX 4.3 firmware introduces SAM, a stand-alone mobility capability. SAM allows for seamless hand-over at high speeds while maintaining full session persistence without a centralized router or ASN gateway. SAM enables customers to implement a full mobility network without a single point of failure, with greater simplicity and lower capital costs.

One of the challenges in the smart grid is determining the sequence of events that happen in the power grid by providing a common and accurate timing reference. RuggedMAX 4.3 allows the subscriber unit to act as a highly accurate source clock to provide a timing source to subtending devices to time stamp events as they happen.

RuggedCom Inc.