Version 3 of OMICRON's IEDScout, the universal software tool for working with IEC 61850 IEDs, provides extended functionality for the in-depth investigation of client/server communication as defined in IEC 61850-7-2.

As a universal client to IEC 61850 servers and a publisher/subscriber for GOOSE messages, IEDScout provides protection and SCADA engineers with numerous useful features needed for testing and troubleshooting in the substation or laboratory. It supports simultaneous investigation of multiple IEDs and improvised testing situations. Its manifold functions range from generic reading/writing of data attributes to using the self-description feature of an IED and producing SCL files from it.

IEDScout 3 displays client server and GOOSE communication in one combined list of events. It makes the circumstances visible on the top layer, represented as closely as possible to the way they are defined in the standard. To reveal more traffic details, the users may drill down to the lower protocol layers and view MMS transactions. For special examination with external protocol analyzers or for documentation, data export is a complementary feature. In addition, it simulates GOOSE messages. A free evaluation version of IEDScout can be downloaded from OMICRON's website.