The new DEUS Industrial Escape Kit is designed for people who work in elevated industrial environments, up to 500 ft, such as platforms, tower cranes and utility towers. The pocket-sized kit is a complete escape system that provides workers a safe and simple way down with nothing to hold, operate or worry about from top to bottom.

The DEUS 3700 controlled descent device is the central component of the kit. The 3700 has been third-party tested and certified to the American National Standards Institute fall protection rescue standard. The automatic, speed-limited descent system is pre-rigged, ready to use and easy to operate. When the worker connects the DEUS 3700 to a harness and anchor, he or she will experience a descent at 2 meters per second. The device is suitable for rescue situations and works if the person who is descending is unconscious. It features four integrated brakes for redundant safety, including a centrifugal direct-drive brake with no gears to break or fail. A large control knob allows the worker to control the descent speed from complete stop to full descent. The kit also includes fire- and cut-resistant rope, four DEUS-approved auto-lock, ANSI-rated steel carabiners, and the DEUS rope over wire anchor sling.

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