Schneider Electric's all-new Pelco Esprit SE IP Integrated PTZ Camera System includes standard and pressurized models for video surveillance and IP network connectivity. Built upon the Esprit SE positioning system platform, the system features dynamic window blanking, auto tracking, internal scheduling clock, electronic image stabilization and multilanguage menus — all formerly reserved only for high-speed domes.

Designed and built for continuous use featuring an integrated camera and lens, pan-and-tilt unit, multiprotocol receiver and Sarix-based H.264 encoder, Esprit SE IP offers dynamic remote-positioning capabilities and is capable of remaining completely operational in up to 90 mph (145 kmph) wind conditions. The integrated system offers responsive, high-speed positioning capabilities, fully configurable video streaming, easy browser-based set-up, outstanding weather protection, and a high level of aesthetics and ease of installation.

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