Sensus is expanding its demand response (DR) portfolio with the launch of its load control module (LCM) for use in residential and commercial applications.

The Sensus FlexNet LCM enables electric utilities to shed load by controlling power to energy- intensive appliances, without the need for a ZigBee-enabled meter. Load shedding typically involves HVACs, pool pumps, water heaters and irrigation pumps.

The DR application allows utilities to create, monitor, schedule and manage load-shedding programs and events using the Sensus FlexNet multiapplication wireless communications system, which is based on open standards, interoperability and FCC licensed spectrum. The FlexNet system enables utilities to gather data that confirms which devices are participating in the load-shedding event and to know if the device is or has been tampered with.

The incentive to shift use to off-peak hours provides an opportunity to shave peak demand and helps utilities reduce the price of electricity they purchase or generate.

The Sensus TC240RAC-S load control module includes a 2-W FlexNet radio that allows direct two-way communication between the LCM and the tower with no need for pairing to a meter or other devices. Direct communication facilitates tamper alarm monitoring and over-the-air configuration, which enables LCM capabilities to be upgraded as needed. The Sensus LCM is compatible with any DR management application.