Cooper Power Systems has expanded its Cleer Loadbreak Connector System to include padmounted applications using the new Cleer SecTER Cabinet. In addition, both the 600-A loadbreak connector and SecTER cabinet have been granted Rural Utility Service acceptance, making it easier for rural cooperatives to gain purchase approval with federal funding.

Functioning as a cable sectionalizing center, the Cleer SecTER Cabinet helps reduce outages by providing the ability to isolate a loop or section of cable to limit the number of customers affected while cable repairs are being made.

As the only 600-A connector system available in the industry capable of breaking load, the Cleer system offers efficiency, reliability and increased functionality when used for sectionalizing, splicing or in-line with switchgear. The Cleer system offers customers a less expensive and lower profile alternative to air-insulated switchgear without having to de-energize, unbolt 600-A terminations, or move heavy cables. In addition, the system offers a quick and traceable means of achieving visible break and visible ground.

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