Eaton Corp. introduces the VCPW-HD medium-voltage vacuum circuit breaker, designed for utility, industrial and commercial applications. The new 38-kV circuit breaker is engineered to provide reliable and robust circuit protection in a compact, environmentally friendly and reliable package.

The VCPW-HD breakers are designed to protect transformers, capacitor banks, motors, busbar sections and cable. The medium-voltage circuit breakers are engineered to withstand demanding environmental conditions, and are suitable for high altitude, shock, vibration and high ambient temperatures.

The VCPW-HD is engineered to reliably switch normal load currents and high-stress fault currents. The modular design has dielectric strength with solid insulation that is encapsulated in an epoxy-resin material, eliminating live conductors in the breaker cell.

The VCPW-HD circuit breakers incorporate Eaton's vacuum-interrupting technology, which avoids the use of SF6 gas that contributes to the greenhouse effect and is associated with climate change. And the circuit breakers provide current ratings up to 3,000 A without fan cooling and up to 40 kA.

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