MobilePro Systems' MPS-3400 is a self-contained, autonomous power source used as a platform for remote site security, communications, network infrastructure and uninterruptible power supply purposes. Equipped with a 1,200-Ah AGM battery array, 4-kW generator and optional solar panels, the unit has been deployed for up to six months without service or recharge using less than 20 gal (90 l) of on-board fuel.

Monitoring projects in wide, remote areas can be difficult or impossible, and can result in lost materials, equipment or vandalism. The answer for critical infrastructure monitoring, the MPS-3400 can be dispatched to problem areas, providing a rapidly deployable monitoring solution. With an integrated 36-ft (11-m) power-operated mast, it puts cameras, lights and PA audio communications above the site, giving operators an eye-in-the-sky viewpoint. The system can have bidirectional data transmission capabilities by equipping the MPS-3400 with 4G or mesh-based communications hardware, bringing full Wi-Fi capabilities into the field. The 12-, 24- and 120-V external outlets allow field crews to charge tools, run extension cords to equipment and power up other devices.

The MPS-3400 is a well-engineered industrial solution ideal for laydown yards, substations, field warehouses and construction sites. The trailer has a modular design, enabling rapid equipment change-outs, easy maintenance and simple reconfiguration. The mast has spring-loaded bushings to eliminate vibration, and is pre-wired with power and data connections making communications as simple as plugging in the appropriate device. The miniREM health-monitoring system watches the MPS-3400's vital operating parameters and alerts dispatch if attention is required, even giving real-time fuel gauge readings.

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