The new PD-SG1 first-level partial-discharge detection instrument from iPEC makes distinguishing between PD and electrical noise easy. Designed for use in distribution voltage substations and EHV switchyards, it enables network operators to carry out simple routine tests that will identify weak points in the network.

The battery-powered portable device has a live oscilloscope-like display that shows detected activity resolved against the power cycle. In doing so it allows the user to see whether detected signals are resulting from PD or a noise source. A field detector placed near an high-voltage cable picks up the phase synchronization and sends the sync signals back to the PD-SG1 portable test unit wirelessly.

The PD-SG1 comes with TEV sensors for capacitive coupling to switchgear, HFCT sensors for cable PD detection and an ultrasonic sensor for detection of surface discharge and tracking. Stereo headphones are supplied to help the user pinpoint the source of the activity and the location of the defect.