EuroSMC's lightweight PTE-50-CE is the ideal instrument to test overcurrent and over/undervoltage protective relays.

The reversible 100-VA amplifier can inject up to 50 A or 150 V with outstanding stability, free of distortions and completely isolated from the power supply. The waveform is synthesized electronically and can generate harmonics from 1st to 7th of the supply's frequency. Various output ranges are available to maintain the 100-VA power throughout the entire settings scale. The system features automatic protections against overload and overheating.

The “Pro” version features the PTE-FCN additional voltage source inside the lid. This option can be ordered and self-installed in a few minutes to upgrade any existing PTE-50-CE, and extends the applications range to many more relay types including directional overcurrent, impedance, synchronization and frequency relays.

This equipment is easy to use. You just set the test values (current, voltage, phase angle, frequency) and activate the output. When the relay's operation is detected, the chronometer will display the operation time with a 1-ms resolution. A “step” function is also available to test the relay across two non-zero values of current, voltage or phase angle.

Although the PTE-50-CE has been designed for fast, efficient in-field testing, it also can be controlled from an external computer running optionally available test software, designed for routine testing and automatic report generation.

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