The State Grid Corp. of China’s Power Delivery Project from Anhui to East China, representing the world-leading UHV transmission technology, has successfully finished the construction of the big span over the Huaihe River 200 m above the ground, making a historic breakthrough in China’s grid construction.

The 656-km-long 1000kV UHV line starts in Huainan, Anhui in the west, passes its way in Zhejiang and Jiangsu, and ends in Shanghai. The double-circuit transmission line has the world’s highest voltage level and biggest transmission capacity in the same tower. The 18.6-billion-yuan project is planned to begin operation at the end of this year.

UHV refers to 1000 kV AC (or higher) and +/- 800 kV DC (or higher). UHV lines can not only carry more electricity than regular lines but move it vast distances with less loss of power.

Up to now, China has constructed three UHV transmission lines. All of them are in commercial operation, including the project to deliver power from Anhui to East China. Currently three more UHV lines are under construction. According to the plan, China will build a Smart Grid backboned by the UHV grid covering the whole country, to further ease the conflict between energy resource distribution and consumption.