SAS, with groSolar and FLS Energy, has completed its second solar farm on the company's Cary, North Carolina, U.S., headquarters campus. The new solar farm has a 1.2-MW capacity, and will produce an estimated 1.9 million kWh each year, which is enough to power more than 175 average-size homes.

Situated near the original solar farm system, SAS Solar Farm 2 comprises some 5236 ground-mounted photovoltaic panels, covering around 7 acres (3 hectares). The new system incorporates a Ray Tracker tracking system that rotates the assembly for maximum sun exposure. This increases energy capture by up to 25% over fixed systems and also greatly reduced the acreage requirements for construction. Progress Energy is purchasing electricity generated from the SAS solar farm.

With the estimated 1.7 million kWh generated annually by SAS Solar Farm 1, the two combined systems produce enough energy to power more than 325 average-size homes. They also avoid more than 3500 tons of CO2 emissions from conventionally produced electricity.

At its headquarters, SAS's environmental sustainability program has been adding and expanding on many initiatives for the last several years. The campus also has solar thermal hot water systems, regenerative drive elevators, water and waste conservation projects, active employee engagement efforts as well as two new soon-to-be-completed buildings that are designed to attain LEED certification.

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