Working overnight and throughout the day on Friday, ComEd crews restored power to virtually all 145,000 customers affected by the powerful storm that hit northern Illinois on June 30.

ComEd mobilized more than 374 crews to repair downed power lines and damaged equipment and expected to have the remaining isolated outages in heavily damaged areas restored by Saturday morning. Full staffing of crews will continue around the clock until remaining outages are restored.

"We recognize the inconveniences many of our customers are experiencing as a result of the loss of electricity," said Anne Pramaggiore, president and chief operating officer, ComEd. "ComEd crews are working hard to restore service to customers affected by the storm as quickly and safely as possible."

Hardest hit areas included Waukegan, Zion, Beach Park, and Winthrop Harbor in the northern suburbs, as well as Alsip, Crestwood and Harvey in the southern suburbs.

Most damaging were the hurricane-force winds, hail and lightning. Sustained winds were clocked with gusts in excess of 95 miles per hour.

ComEd prioritizes outage restoration to ensure public safety first such as police and fire, then hospitals and other critical customers. Next, ComEd restores feeders, which allows us to return power to large numbers of customers at one time, followed by smaller service restorations and individual outages.