The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission has approved Allegheny’s request to offer a voluntary wind energy program to its electric customers in the state.

In conjunction with its Watt Watchers campaign, Allegheny has partnered with Community Energy, Inc., a wind energy developer, to implement and market the program. The program allows residential, commercial and industrial customers the option to pay an additional charge to purchase wind energy credits. The credits can be purchased in blocks of 100 kWh, which will begin at $2.50 per block. Each block purchased represents an equal amount of wind energy that was generated and placed onto the power grid. It is estimated that signing up at the $5 per month level for 200 kWhs of renewable energy has the same environmental benefits as planting 181 trees or not driving 2,310 miles.

“Renewable energy plays an important role in meeting our growing energy demands,” said Paul Evanson, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Allegheny Energy. “Our Pennsylvania customers now have the opportunity to support the development of electricity from wind farms located here and in other areas of the country.”