Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said Monday that the country would not have the risk of an energy blackout like the one that led to rationing for citizens in 2001.

According to Lula, several "rumors" have been raised on an eventual blackout this year, in case the projects to boost energy production in Brazil were not accomplished in time.

The president said that there would be enough energy to "provide sustainability for the growth" at which the government aimed.

The Ministry of Mining and Energy announced last week a series of measures to avoid energy rationing or blackouts, including inauguration of six thermal power plants in southeastern Brazil and a gas pipeline from Espirito Santo state to Rio de Janeiro.

In a radio address, Lula also highlighted construction of a hydroelectric power plant in the Amazon rainforest region, saying the plant would help stave off the risk of an energy blackout for "a long while."