Utility customers in Bulgaria should soon be able to monitor and control the consumption of their water, electricity, gas and heat services thanks to the FlexNet advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system from Sensus.

The Sensus FlexNet system has been implemented by telecom operator Mobiltel, which, together with Sensus and their representatives for Bulgaria Akwaror Ltd., just launched a pilot project, the results of which will be presented to the various Bulgarian utilities.

Upon implementation, the FlexNet communications system will contribute to the mutual trust between the customers and the utility companies. It allows not only remote measuring, but also control over the entire network. The use of the FlexNet system will raise the transparency of the monthly bills for the end consumers, reduce the chance of mistakes and fraud and resolve issues with meter access.

Utility company benefits include expense optimization, more efficient network management, 24/7 monitoring, consumption analysis, failure and abuse isolation, and prevention.

After the project is successfully implemented, the end-customers could benefit from the service individually with no necessary installation of devices in their homes. Customers will have the ability to order the installation of new devices and view their current consumption and potential expenses through a web portal. They will also have the potential of calculating the approximate amount of their upcoming monthly bill.

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