Entergy has selected Elster Integrated Solutions' (EIS) EnergyAxis Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solution for its 3400 meter pilot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, U.S. Entergy delivers electricity to 2.6 million utility customers in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. Entergy will use the pilot to test AMI functionality, identify functional benefits, and subsequently develop a long-term strategy for deploying AMI.

EnergyAxis provides Entergy with full AMI functionality including:

  • Very high system read and communications reliability

  • Delivery of monthly and on-demand reads

  • Ability to collect interval data from every meter

  • Real-time remote meter connect/disconnect with load-limiting functionality

  • Outage detection and notification

  • Remotely upgradeable firmware

  • Prepay account management

  • Home area network including displays, thermostat and load controls using ZigBee communications.

The EnergyAxis System is currently the most widely deployed two-way mesh network AMI technology in the world. Its standards-based open architecture offers utilities a full range of AMI functionality choices and seamless integration with customer enterprise or meter data-management packages.