Flint Energies in Georgia recently updated its online outage website. First offered in 2008, Flint Energies publishes a real-time look at outages and power restoration at www.flintoutages.com for all members to use. According to Senior Vice President Jimmy Autry, members can also “See/Report Power Outages” from the left side of the home page at www.flintenergies.com.

“With the recent upgrades, Flint Energies members can drill down for a closer look at any power outage on our system,” said Autry. “Outages are also listed by county in table form on the right side of the outage homepage.”

“Flint Energies members enjoy highly reliable electric service, but we can never guarantee that equipment failures or animals or weather won’t cause the lights to go out,” said Autry. “Flint’s goal is for members on average to experience less than 1.5 hours of outage time per year.”

Flint has one of the best service reliability records of any electric utility. Autry said the average outage has been as low as 1.2 hours per consumer per year in recent experience.

To ensure the best service to all members after a power outage, Autry said that Flint needs an accurate phone number on each member’s consumer record in their computer. The automated system can find and report an outage very quickly if the member’s caller ID is accurate.

“Members call us every day to update their phone numbers and we appreciate it,” said Autry. “Great service reliability at an affordable price is a Flint trademark that our members count on.”

Autry added that Flint members should also program Flint’s outage reporting number 888-354-6836 (888-flintemc) into their cell phones before they need it. “It’s much easier than looking for a number in the dark. Flint also reminds members that cordless phones in the home will not work during a power outage. Those members without cell phones should keep a wired phone connected for such occasions.