The Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) has partnered with Yeshiva Darchei Torah to assist in the construction of a new educational facility outfitted with the latest energy-efficient measures and technologies that will help save the school US$119,131 in annual electric costs.

Yeshiva Darchei Torah completed construction in December on a new 183,000-sq ft (473,968-sq km) private educational facility located in Far Rockaway, New York, U.S. LIPA worked closely with Yeshiva Darchei Torah and Energy Analysis Group to provide guidance and technical assistance to assure the energy-efficient construction was eligible for $204,877 in rebates and incentives provided by LIPA's Commercial Efficiency Program.

The construction included the installation of high-performance lighting, an energy management system, energy-recovery ventilators and heating-ventilation-air conditioning units. These efficiency measures will reduce the company's electric energy demand by an estimated 395 kW and its electric energy usage by an estimated 627,009 kWh per year.

LIPA's Commercial Efficiency Program is part of LIPA's Efficiency Long Island, a 10-year, $924 million customer-funded energy-efficiency program launched in 2009, which offers incentives, rebates and initiatives to LIPA's residential and commercial customers to assist them in reducing their energy usage. LIPA's Efficiency Long Island program goal is to reduce LIPA's peak electric demand by 500 MW by 2018.

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