The Michigan Public Service Commission has noted that Michigan's net metering program received a grade of "A" in the 2010 edition of Freeing the Grid, a policy guide that grades states' net metering programs.

Under a net metering program, when customers produce electric energy in excess of their needs, power is provided back to the serving utility, permitting the customer to receive a credit for power they place on the system.

"Michigan has seen explosive growth in the number of electric customers that have installed renewable energy generation systems on their homes and businesses," noted Commissioner Monica Martinez. "This comes as a direct result of Public Act 295 of 2008, which put in place a net metering program that has proven popular with customers. It is gratifying to see the state's net metering program recognized by this national report."

The Freeing the Grid report is produced annually by the Network for new Energy Choices (NNEC) in partnership with Vote Solar, the Interstate Renewable Energy Council and the North Carolina Solar Center.

The MPSC's renewable energy website includes information on net metering basics and how to become a net metering customer.