Nearly 2,700 utility crews continue their efforts to restore power to approximately 9,000, or less than one percent, of Connecticut Light & Power (CL&P) customers still affected by the October snowstorm.

"While restoration efforts continue in much of the state, we are working aggressively in the hardest hit areas of the Farmington Valley and Tolland County," said Jeff Butler, CL&P's president and chief operating officer. "Every available resource continues driving toward getting the power back on for all of our customers."

The company worked closely with town and state officials to ensure polling places were safely restored. In addition, CL&P is patrolling all 17,000 miles of its overhead distribution system to ensure electrical safety issues have been addressed and to identify storm-damaged trees in close proximity to our equipment that pose a threat to public safety and our electrical system. Tree crews will clear and remove trees or limbs that pose a risk.