Itron Inc. (Spokane, Washington, U.S.) announced a new contract with Progress Energy (Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S.) to replace 2.7 million traditional electromechanical residential meters with Itron's CENTRON solid-state, high-accuracy electricity meters equipped with Itron's embedded automated meter reading (AMR) technology.

Progress Energy serves customers in Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina. The CENTRON digital meters are more accurate than electromechanical meters and difficult to tamper with, which is expected to reduce cases of energy theft. The new meters will be automatically read via radio signal, thereby eliminating manual data entry errors, the need to access the premise and greatly reducing or eliminating estimated and inaccurate bills.

Installation of the system began in Florida in July and in the Carolinas in September, with a two-year completion date. To meet that schedule, Itron will install an average of 7000 meters each workday across Progress Energy's territories.