A strike by workers at Greece's utility, Public Power Corp., would lead to electricity supply disruptions across the country on Tuesday, according to a Reuters UK report.

The 48-hour strike by labour union GENOP, which began early Tuesday, will lead to rotating power cuts, forcing the PPC to import more power to deal with demand. PPC has bought up to 450 MW of power from neighboring countries, such as Bulgaria, Serbia and Italy, to cope with the temporary closure of about 12 power stations, Aristeidis Tassoulis, an official with Greece's power grid operator DESMHE, told Reuters. But it could not import any more.

"The import capacity has been exhausted," Tassoulis said. A GENOP official told Reuters that about 2,500 MW were off-line.

GENOP said on Monday it did not plan to disrupt power supply but it decided to toughen its stance during an emergency meeting on Tuesday, the report said.

Workers at PPC say they face wage cuts of at least 7 percent and pension reductions of at least 10 percent as the cash-strapped government slashes public sector spending to plug its fiscal holes.