Macrosoft published the results of its survey on the restoration practices of utility companies with clear results. Key findings of the study identified that essential factors to improving restoration activities are the availability of resources and their effective utilization, balancing resources with the appropriate logistical support, and having a well prepared restoration plan. Best practices identified by the survey show that automating storm centers is among the most effective and desirable solutions.

The online survey, "Emergency Restoration Practices Followed by Utility Companies in North America," was completed by almost 250 utility professionals representing operations of all sizes across North America. With utilities under increasing pressure and scrutiny, the survey presents valuable insights into the realities, unique challenges, and steps taken to improve the emergency restoration process.

"I was impressed with the results of the survey. When I analyzed the data, I was not surprised by the number of utility companies that would like to automate their storm centers, but have yet to do so. With the public demands upon utility companies for quick response to outages, it is important that the industry look to new and improved technologies to better automate their systems," said John Kullmann, vice president of Macrosoft.

The full survey results can be downloaded from Macrosoft at