As part of its observance of October as National Energy Awareness Month, the Tennessee Valley Authority on Tuesday announced that its EnergyRight Solutions energy efficiency website has been redesigned and is now live at

The new EnergyRight Solutions website features a simpler, clearer layout to help consumers more quickly and easily navigate the site and find information.

"Energy efficiency is unique in the way it empowers consumers to be proactive and achieve successful results," said Bob Balzar, TVA vice president of Energy Efficiency and Demand Response. "The EnergyRight Solutions website is an important resource for folks who want to increase their energy efficiency.”

Balzar said the redesign also reflects the commitment of TVA and local power companies to aggressively increase energy efficiency in coming years.

TVA has indentified energy efficiency as a key area in achieving the agency’s vision for a cleaner energy future by 2020. To support that vision, TVA has established an ambitious goal of becoming the Southeast’s leader in increased energy efficiency.

The redesigned EnergyRight Solutions website features a clearer distinction between the three categories of energy efficiency programs offered by TVA and local power companies, specifically for homes, businesses and industry. The site provides more information, better layout and easier navigation so consumers can quickly discover the range of programs and incentives available.

“For the energy efficiency team at TVA, the new EnergyRight website is much more than another corporate redesign,” added Balzar. “It represents a new direction for energy efficiency at TVA and in the Tennessee Valley. It’s one of the first of several exciting new steps we’re planning for the months ahead to make energy efficiency more accessible than ever before in the Tennessee Valley.”