More and more utilities are selecting Oracle Utilities Network Management System to improve outage restoration time and efficiency, and to reduce the cost and risk associated with energy distribution operations. Oracle Utilities Network Management System is an integrated suite of real-time operations technology applications designed to improve network reliability, maximize asset utilization, reduce outage durations and increase customer satisfaction.

Seattle City Light (SCL; Seattle, Washington, U.S.) selected Oracle's Network Management System and Mobile Workforce Management System to replace an existing legacy system with a more technologically robust system. SCL expects that the integration between the applications will allow dispatchers to rapidly alert repair crews in the event of a power outage and more accurately direct them to failed equipment, reducing outage durations and increasing information available to customers.

SCL also has selected Oracle Utilities Work and Asset Management to help the utility manage its power grid equipment inventory, and Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle WebLogic Suite to manage data and power the Oracle Utilities applications.

Bermuda Electric Light Co. Ltd. (Hamilton, Bermuda) operates a generation plant and T&D systems throughout the island for 34,043 metered customers. The utility upgraded to Oracle Utilities Network Management System to capture and manage outage data more effectively. It can now provide a consistent, single view of data across the organization — from executives to service representatives, and from dispatchers to crews in the field. With this improved visibility, the utility can better pinpoint specific pieces of equipment causing a disproportionate share of outages and subsequently accelerate maintenance. The network management system also integrates with the service trucks' GPS devices, which provide dispatchers with real-time location data to better coordinate truck deployments and help improve outage response times. The utility is also using Oracle Database to power the network management system and other applications.