The Town of Wake Forest, North Carolina, U.S., is installing Hunt Technologies' TS2 AMI system to provide advanced two-way communications for the 6000 electric meters in its utility service territory.

Wake Forest chose Hunt's TS2 system because of its two-way communication features, easy-to-use operating software and projected ability to help lower costs and increase productivity. The utility also anticipates improved customer service, as the TS2 system eliminates the need to estimate bills, identifies problems with the meter and provides outage-management functions. On a rapid deployment schedule, the system is expected to be completely installed by the end of August.

The TS2 system's “Always On” communication structure ensures simultaneous communication with every meter in the system. This enables accurate, secure data transmission, while offering advanced monitoring functions such as outage detection, voltage and load information. Remote programming of endpoints can be accomplished for functions such as time-based billing structures and demand response, ensuring compliance with Energy Policy Act smart-metering directives.