BC Hydro has selected S&C Electric Co. for an energy storage project that will greatly improve service reliability for a remote mountain community in British Columbia. The energy storage system, which is funded in part by Natural Resources Canada's Clean Energy Fund, also will reduce peak load demand for a second community, limiting carbon emissions and enabling deferral of capital expenditures.

The energy storage solution uses two battery systems, one installed at Field and a second in Golden, B.C., to provide back-up power for Field and to shave peak loads. The peak shaving application — which uses an approach where load is directly monitored and stored energy injected as needed — will allow BC Hydro to save on investments in transmission system capacity that would otherwise be required to meet peak demand.

For this project, S&C will engineer and install a complete energy storage solution featuring S&C's Smart Grid SMS Storage Management System and IntelliTEAM SG Automatic Restoration System. This turnkey system will integrate sodium-sulfur batteries on to the grid seamlessly, allowing the batteries to support a portion of the peak load depending on demand. This integrated solution optimizes total system efficiency and reliability for the community.

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