EnWin Utilities Ltd. has chosen Harris Utilities to enhance its customer services and enable consumers to better manage their resources. EnWin will deploy NorthStar for its customer information system, MeterSense for its meter data management and CustomerConnect for its customer engagement solution.

The Windsor local distribution company needed a system that would turn raw meter data into high-quality, actionable intelligence. EnWin wanted to give its customers the tools they need to measure, monitor and manage usage patterns, assess usage data and oversee account-management functions.

The NorthStar solution will integrate the utility's key applications and provide access to actionable data across the entire CIS, which will enable EnWin to better focus on the customer-impacting aspects of its operations. By transforming meter data into valuable business intelligence and connecting utilities with their customers in innovative new ways, MeterSense and CustomerConnect will help EnWin improve operations and enhance customer service.

EnWin will be able to take essential data that residential and commercial consumers need to track and modify consumption, engage in crucial resource conservation programs, give them direct insight into their resource-use patterns and deliver a new bill format to its customers. With better awareness, their customers may make smarter choices, save money on their utility bills and help EnWin meet its conservation goals.