Fresh from South Korea, IUS Technologies enters the U.S. market with its sights set on leading distribution technology for utilities and working with companies like Siemens, SAIC, and AEP. IUS is a subsidiary of $1B Vitzro Group - one of South Korea's leading smart grid technology manufacturers.

“People in South Korea can’t comprehend why the U.S. continues to suffer from such widespread power outages,” says Scott Zajkowski, IUS marketing manager. “There is only one utility in Korea which is government owned, and they only budget for the best technology. Vitzro created the world’s most stable technology for utilities, and it is the foundation of Korea’s electric power industry. Vitzro is now making that available for the United States at just the right time for more intelligent Smart Grid deployments.”

Vitzro Group has funded the creation of an entire, self-standing U.S. subsidiary with its own local workforce, local leadership and local manufacturing in Alpharetta, Georgia, considered one of the fastest growing cities in the state and a hotbed for high tech companies according to the Technology Association of Georgia.

IUS purchased a 20,000 sq.ft. multimillion-dollar plant located in Alpharetta, Georgia, where they anticipate hiring local engineers, technicians and staff. IUS “Born Smart” devices work to optimize the grid by reducing consumption and waste, decreasing CO2 and greenhouse emissions, and increasing grid capacity - all while reducing customer outages.