Two leading Latin American power companies have signed significant multimillion dollar deals for a complete control center solution for the secure, efficient and reliable management of their electric networks.

CDEC-SIC in Chile and UTE in Uruguay signed the contracts with Ventyx, which will provide the Ventyx Network Manager SCADA/Energy Management System (EMS) solution.

In Chile, the solution will be implemented at CDEC-SIC, an independent system operator (ISO) responsible for coordinating the operation of the electrical system that covers 92 percent of the population of Chile, and whose coverage extends more than 2,000 km across the southern and central regions of the country.

In Uruguay, long-standing customer UTE will upgrade its previous SCADA/EMS system to Ventyx Network Manager, including the adoption of Ventyx's advanced applications focused on high-voltage network operations. The new Network Manager system will also carry out automatic generation control, in order to achieve adequate regulation of interconnected power sources, including the inherent variations that will come from wind-generation systems foreseen to be installed in the upcoming years. Because UTE is a state-owned company, responsible for generation dispatch and transmission grid operation, it is also required to meet power demands with optimal reliability, quality and cost, while protecting against potential cyber-security risks.

Ventyx Network Manager SCADA/EMS, which is a key component of the company's solution for powering smart grids, enables power utilities to control and manage complex energy systems, while reducing operation costs and ensuring required levels of cyber security.