The Newton-Evans Research Co. has announced its publication of a set of 10 U.S. market summaries covering operational systems and software used by American electric power utilities. The newest series of market overview reports includes supplier listings, representative products, and estimated market size for each topic, vendor market share estimates, and market outlook through 2014. For several topics, typical software and/or system cost ranges are also provided.

Electric utilities accounted for more than 95% of all purchases of control-related systems and utility CIS software. Total 2011spending for the systems and packaged software included in this series exceeded $1.1 billion, with an even larger amount spent internally or with developers for custom development and maintenance of these systems and applications software packages.

More than 50 suppliers have a stake in one or more market segments included in this new series. Growth for most of these operations-centric activities will likely continue to outpace the projected growth rates for other components of the $20 billion U.S. electric power transmission and distribution market.

Other T&D topical series published this year by Newton-Evans Research are also available including: substation automation (13 market segment snapshots), power transformers (11 market segment snapshots), distribution automation (12 market segment snapshots), protective relays (8 market segment snapshots), high voltage equipment (15 market segment snapshots) and medium voltage equipment (20 market segment snapshots. This group of market overviews is the final series to be published in 2012. In total, 84 T&D-related equipment, software and services market segment overviews are currently available online.

Total shipment values for the 84 components of the Newton-Evans U.S. T&D market overview series exceeded $15 billion in 2011, and are projected to reach $18 billion by 2014. Another $5 billion or more can be found in the many services components required to design, install and maintain infrastructure equipment and systems. Importantly, a majority of all equipment and systems now used by American utilities is produced in North America. Any of the 84 report summaries can be purchased online, either individually or as topical series. More than 200 suppliers are each represented in at least one market overview report.