Energate Inc. will be supplying its smart thermostats for Oklahoma Gas and Electric's (OG&E's) 2012 residential demand-response program through its partner Silver Spring Networks. This builds on the previously announced pilot results undertaken in Oklahoma.

“OG&E has set significant 2012 goals for both peak demand reduction as well as consumer adoption, reducing the need for new power plants,” said Mike Farrell, director of customer programs at OG&E. “Energate has proven its performance and reliability as a partner over the last two years. Working with them gives us the confidence we will meet our objectives for 2012 and beyond.”

Energate's in-home technologies allow consumers to program their use preferences based on peak pricing signals sent from utilities. More than 25 utilities throughout North America have used Energate's next-generation technologies in their smart grid applications. Energate's home energy controls, portals and software solutions provide two-way, reliable communication that allows consumers and utilities to manage energy demand. OG&E's 2012 expansion is targeted to include up to 40,000 residences using Energate's Pioneer Smart Thermostat and accessories.

“OG&E's demand-response program is certainly one of the most advanced initiatives in the industry to date,” said Marianne Hedin, Pike Research senior analyst. “The fact that Energate has been selected for this deployment in this far-reaching energy-reduction program is a strong indicator that the company is poised to benefit from the fast-growing demand-response services market in North America, which Pike Research forecasts will grow by more than 38% annually over the next five years.”

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